Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Budapest Wrap Up

Before Nick left, we talked about changing our photo back up system. It was on our to-do list when he returned. I took over 1,000 photos in the last week for a big project I was working on (and Mom's visit). As of Sunday, I can't access the drive that contains ALL of my photos. So, if you aren't backing up your photos twice, don't put it off!
I'm trying not to worry about it too much. Hopefully, we'll be able to recover the photos when he returns. I think most of our pre-2008 photos are backed up in several locations. Because of the flurry of photo books I made this year, a lot of our vacation photos from last year are online. My March photo of the day pictures are safe, just not sure about April. I'm crossing my fingers that he can fix our external hard drive this weekend. Until then, here's a wrap up of Budapest. I think Nick & his colleagues are eating & drinking their way through Europe.
The shoes on the Danube promenade honors the Jews who fell victim to fascist militiamen in Budapest and depicts their shoes left behind on the bank when they fell into the river after being shot during World War II. Horrible. I would love to visit Budapest - the river just makes the city look so amazing & quaint.
Nick skipped the Opera which is probably good because I don't think he would have enjoyed trying to follow the story when the supertitles were in Hungarian. Though they are visiting businesses almost every day, it seems like they are still getting lots of time to enjoy the city.
Nick was very excited that he found a picture of a firetruck for Charlie.
And a playground for Greta.
This is a shot I'd never be able to take. Its good to be tall.

My favorite shot of the day. A night view for Ella. He's wrapping up his stay in Rome. We are counting the days until he returns!
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