Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Nick is home & he fixed the computer. All files are safe & now backed up with an external hard drive & online system. I'm in the process of weeding through photos & uploading them to If you place an order once a year, you can store your photos for free. Of course, the key is remembering to upload once a month or so!
While Nick was gone, the twins had their Spring Performance.
The theme was "Around the World." The kids were asked to decorate a paper doll in a native costume of their heritage.
Greta chose Italy - her doll is wearing a Renaissance dress with sequins & gorgeous long black hair.
We chose the country near St. Patrick's Day, so Charlie jumped on our Irish roots. His doll has a pirate type costume with the same black hair as Greta's & google eyes.
At dinner before the show, Charlie & Greta gave a roaring rendition of their songs.
Ella helped wave the flag to start the audience on the sailing adventure. The class onstage represented China.
Charlie looked so little on stage!
Greta didn't look very big either. Their class sang songs from Mexico.
By the end of the performance, Charlie got into the swing of things.
I love how animated Carys is in this photo!
They had so much fun & sang and danced like pros.
Ella videotaped the whole thing, but complained my camera clicks were too loud.
We skipped the usual ice cream celebration & enjoyed cookies in the car on the way home. It was a long night & Mom was exhausted!

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