Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cultural Fair

The evening that we picked Nick up from the airport was Ella's Cultural Fair. The students picked a country in the Americas, performed research, wrote a report (with bibliography), created a salt dough map and made a poster display.
Phil helped Ella sketch a map of Peru and shape her salt dough into something that resembled the topography of the country.
Mom collected photos, catalogs and treasures (like a piranha tooth necklace & pretty bowls) from Peru for Ella's display. Ella's wearing a T-shirt that shows all the rivers in Peru. Ella did a great job on her report and presentation.
The twins got over the excitement of the fair & wanted to eat the whole time (despite just having dinner).

Luckily, their friends soon arrived and kept them company. After eating dinner, Greta ate two bowls of popcorn (America), some cookies (she tried to empty the plate), three corn based pancakes (Venezuela), cinnamon ice cream (Boliva) and some pudding (Peru - though I didn't make it). Given her appetite and grumpiness, I think someone is going through a growth spurt.
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