Monday, July 26, 2010

The Big Kahuna

Great first two days at the beach. The kids are loving the beach life. After a huge storm last night (tornado warning) the ocean calmed down & had little waves with barely any undertow. Nick said that Charlie would wail as they rode the waves "WHOA! THIS IS AWESOME!" Ella didn't love the water up her nose. Nick has been busy building the ultimate sand castle each day with the kids. Charlie is loving the orange fanta while Greta tries to grab a Sprite whenever she can. Today was about sleeping in until 5:30 EASTERN STANDARD TIME!!!, bagels, beach time, missing Aunt Jessie, collecting shells, loving Selena, building the Wall of China, 18 bathroom runs, otter pops, pretty jewels, bracelet making, wave surfing, craft do-ing, goodbyes to grandpa & early bedtime (wishful thinking!)

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