Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adios Tahoe

On our last full day in Tahoe, we headed into California for brunch at Gar Woods (Uncle K's fave spot on the water).
Every beach we saw had a different composition - this one was all lovely rocks.
Ella is an avid rock collector & would have brought home every rock on the beach.
We whittled down our collection to only the most beautiful rocks. I liked the smooth black ones. The kids found one shaped like Nevada & enjoyed trying to determine the mineral composition of the rocks.
Have I mentioned that Tahoe is puppy nirvana?
Apres lunch, we separated from Jes & Kevin & sought out some easy hikes for the kids. Unfortunately, many other people had the same idea. I didn't want to try parking along the busy roads with the kids (it was quite a distance from the trailhead).
So, we just checked out a lovely overlook & circumvented the lake to meet up back at Sand Harbor.
The kids didn't seem to mind the FRIGID water too much. I lasted about 3 minutes.
The kids did a test run on sand castle building (not bad considering we had no sand toys) in preparation for our trip later in the month.
Kevin enjoyed a second day of diving & received lots of stares as he came out the water. Not your typical beach sighting I guess!
After several lazy hours, it was time to head home for our patriotic BBQ.
Someone discovered that she likes corn on the cob.
The fireworks were very late in Tahoe so the kids didn't make it. But, Buster, Jessie & I caught a glimpse of the fanfare through the trees. The ride home was quiet as everyone caught up on sleep after a busy weekend. If Tahoe were closer, I would be there as often as I could. Even with all the people, it was a serene & gorgeous place to visit.

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