Friday, July 23, 2010

Lake Tahoe Continued

I love mini-vacations. It's so much fun to explore new places & escape the everyday. After our pancake feast & parade experience, the kids rested at home with Aunt Jessie while I drove Nick to his mountain biking trailhead (about 13 miles away). He took some amazing photos with his phone & had a great ride.

Jes & I decided to take the kids to the lake for some swimming. Easier said than done.
4th of July is the busiest weekend in Tahoe & lack of parking (or willingness to hike with 3 grumpy kids) limited our choices.
But after driving this way & that way & rejecting the pricey private beach with no parking, we ended up back at Sand Harbor.
The kids had fun splashing away in the COLD water & playing on the beach.
Jeffrey pines are supposed to smell like vanilla so we ended our beach experience sniffing the trees.
We went cheap for dinner with T's Mesquite Rotisserie - we fed our family of 5 for $30 which included enough leftovers for a second dinner for the kids & me.

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