Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Road Trip 2010

The trip to Lake Tahoe was long - nearly 8 hours, but the kids & dog rocked it. Actually, Hogan had a hard time relaxing & stood for about 1/2 the trip. We made 2 stops watched 3 movies (kit kitteridge (new fave), monsters, inc. and shrek (fried green worms was aborted as being too gross)) & had a lot of coloring/reading time in the car (while listening to Lenka ("the show"), Train ("hey soul sister") and P!nk ("rockstar") repeatedly).
Reno was an impressive city but strikingly different from the forest we entered as soon as we left the town.
Nick & the kids brought their bikes (yes, the minivan was stuffed) which was a great way to get those little legs moving after the long ride.
The pinecones were impressive but full of spiders. I was very happy that the kids didn't notice that we left their bag behind.
The dogs got lots of walks (though if they could talk they would argue about that point).
We enjoyed the sunshine, mountain noise (hello coyotes) & smells (Jeffery pines).
And that was just on day 1.

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