Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Butte Concert Series

We went to our first concert in a very long time last night. A friend at work told me someone was selling tickets to the sold out Lyle Lovett concert (it ended up being a parent in Ella's class!). We first saw him about 10 years ago with friends. I was not a fan until I saw him perform live. He really knows how to put on a show.

It was a little hot until the sun started to set & then I was glad to have a jacket.
The concert is festival seating, so we were REALLY grateful to all of Nick's MBA friends (thank you Cavell & Elliot!) who saved us a spot. These photos are all with my phone - not a bad zoom for a phone!

His playlist was a combination of his new CD Natural Forces (love Bohemia) and all the hits off of Live in Texas (which is the CD we own). The last time he toured, the woman on the CD came & she was amazing. Last night was still impressive with a 13 member back up band, a band that loves to perform, an enthusiastic crowd & lovely weather.
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