Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Again

I'm sure you haven't noticed that I am just the teeniest bit behind on blogging.
Three months behind isn't too bad. We haven't been up to much since we got back from Lake Tahoe.
In July, we decided to host our Dinner Club up Millcreek Canyon.
Usually, everyone books babysitters for the night but with the space, we decided to invite kids. When we started the club 10 years ago, there were 8 couples & three kids.
We had over 50 people - including our newest 'member' Kate (but excluding Shawn & Shauna who were caught in the Park City construction). The oldest kid is almost 14 & was babysitting the twins.
About 1/3 of the group are fraternity brothers of Nick, another 1/3 are sorority sisters of the initiating member and the rest are friends (Jessica & my friends from graduate school, John & Suzanne have been fun additions). The host provides the meat & drinks & everyone is assigned a side dish. Serving dinner once a year is a fun way to keep in touch with friends.
Kids grow fast when you only see them once a year!
Jen K made the comment a few months ago that we were the Costco dinner club because everyone shops there. To counter this, Pam stepped it up and MADE the bread & butter this month (usually the easiest assignment). It was fabulous.
Heidi & Tony have the most plentiful garden & made spring rolls from their harvest. I heard they were delicious (they were gone too fast!)
Patricia made a cherry almond tart with cherries from her yard. It was eaten too quickly to be photographed.
I love that Val looks very skeptical of what Kevin is saying.
After noshing on hotdogs, the kids played. Emily, Audrey, Seiji, Coleson & Alec traverse the stream running through the picnic site.
We will just pretend this photo of Joe is in focus.
Nick was a slave to the grill that night. But, people kept him company & kept a cold beer in his hand.
I didn't feel too guilty though since I made 50 plus skewers and copious amounts of Israeli couscous that morning. It's always hard to come up with a recipe when you are hosting. Originally, I thought we would do dutch oven cooking, but then I saw the June issue of Bon Appetit. These kabobs were fabulous & devoured.
After dinner, we brought in the architects to design the bonfire.
A marshmallow or two may have been sacrificed that night.
Jessica has been trying to get us up Millcreek again this month. Looking at these photos makes me want to make it happen.
Melissa & I always laugh about how segregated the dinner party becomes. Boys on one side, girls on the other. Here, the independent 4 year old at the party scaled a fence at the top of a big hill. Notice how all the men (including the father) are jumping to his rescue?
Luckily, his sisters were there to guide him back down the hill.
We are going to miss Dinner Club this month as we take a trip to New Mexico.
Hopefully I will get a chance to celebrate with everyone in October.


Shauna said...

Hi krista -- These photos are great and are making me think 2.5 hours of traffic would have been worth it. Have a successful weekend in New Mexico!

livystone said...

Lovely photos for what looks like a really lovely time!