Monday, September 20, 2010


This month I've been participating in an alphabet challenge as a way to spice up my daily photo. I post them on Flickr & share them in various group sharing sites. I'm thrilled that my photo of Kevin's sunflowers on steroids was selected as a photo of the day on shutter sisters. Jessica's house is much more interesting than mine for photographs. I think nearly half of my photos have come from her yard. One of my photos from Spain is also included in the schmap guide to Seville. There are worse ways to start a Monday!
Well, despite good intentions, I'm not getting my blog posts up as quickly as I had hoped. But, bear with me, I'll get back on track soon. We had a productive weekend in Albuquerque. We found some neighborhoods we liked & houses that look promising. The kids had a super great time with Jessica & Kevin. They give six thumbs up for Cats & Dogs and LOVED the Dew Tour that they went to on Sunday. Charlie told us that he can do several of the tricks on his scooter at school. Talented kids we have.
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