Monday, September 20, 2010

Adios Amigos

Ross & Cecilia hosted a lovely going away party for us this weekend. Smack in the middle of Ross' reelection campaign & in the midst of Cecilia's always busy life.

Cecilia planned a fabulous "New" Mexican themed soiree.
We haven't hosted a party in a while & it was bittersweet to see so many of our friends together again. 
Alec (who is now waaay taller than me) was born the day after Nick & I met.  Melissa & I still laugh about how Nick & John ate Kentucky Fried Chicken & talked about me while she was in the labor & delivery room anxiously awaiting Alec's arrival thirteen years ago.
Nick met Rashelle & John (and Bailey their dog who was friends with Hogan) at Churchill junior high while I was studying for the Patent Bar in 2000. 
The Blooms & Stinnetts entered our lives through the Montessori School a few years ago (but it feels like they have been a part of our lives for so much longer).  In the background is one of Nick's first mentor's at Fidelity. The Sikorskis were also originally dog park friends & then thanks to bumping into Bill at Home Depot when I was pregnant with the twins, they became our doppleganger family.
Shauna was one of the first friends I met in Utah who wasn't already friends with Nick. We met pre-kids when we both had time to volunteer with the Junior League. I can't remember when I first met Pam, but we've had years of memories from softball, to girls nights to dinner club to her cross country drive with Jessica for her wedding.
It's going to be hard to move to a town where we won't randomly run into friends.
John & Nick were fraternity brothers in college. Nick remodeled the basement in our first home & Shawn (an extremely talented contractor) was a significant resource.
Noah made the drawing of the Western States showing Ella how close Utah & New Mexico are.


Tia also made a fabulous card & showed off her very impressive writing skills.  The King girls made a special rock that will go on our porch in New Mexico. Thank you to all our Utah friends. May our paths cross soon again.
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