Monday, October 11, 2010

Back 2 School

About 6 weeks ago, we attended our last (sniff sniff) back to school party with Tia, Kim & Clark. These par-tays are a right of passage. Good-bye summer, hello school year. The party was especially poignant this year as the kiddos are branching out to different schools.

Babies are the chicest fall accessory.

The set-up this year was perfect. The grown-ups lounged on picnic blankets while the kids made up complicated games in the enclosed tennis courts.

There was a lot of running and laughing - especially when the kids saw the cameras (thanks kim for sharing the first pic!).
And copious amounts of chocolate. Kim brought a sundae bar to the park. Surprisingly,  my kids weren't hungry for dinner, but were able to find just a little room for ice cream & fancy toppings.

Love Bella swinging like a monkey & Greta trying to keep up with the big kids! Thank you Kim, Tia & Clark for hosting yet another wonderful party!

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Poozoe said...

sniff sniff is right! We'll keep right on inviting you to these things and hoping you can show up to some!