Monday, October 11, 2010

Camera Phone

It is no secret that I love photos. Lately, I have been embracing emotions of a photograph rather than just focusing on the technical aspects of a pic. And, sometimes it gets tiring to lug my big camera around. So, I'm taking more iphone photos of those i-don't-want-to-miss-this, but-don't-need-to-print-these-photos-moments.

The kids all have great friends at the school. Charlie & Greta LOVE their friend Eliot. In fact, this summer Greta said she missed Eliot so much that she wished she could marry him. Both Charlie & Greta agree he is the funniest person they know (sorry Nick). So, I LOVE that Eliot's mom snapped this picture of Greta & Eliot holding hands as they walked back to class with her phone during an impromptu visit to the school last week. What a perfect capture of a candid moment.
And I love that I had my phone with me when I picked the kids up from their playdate on Saturday after my last class.
The kids picked grapes off the vine & made homemade grape juice. Charlie had two glasses. 
Mr. funnyman himself.
The kids rode bikes, made forts & apparently ate their weight in snacks.

Eliot's older brother is in the same class as Ella & they had fun making forts, climbing trees & swinging.

We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have offered to help with the kids, etc. during our transition period.
At the same time, it makes me really sad to be saying goodbye to people we've only started building a friendship with.

We are continuing to make the most of our time in Salt Lake and planting seeds that will allow us to stay in contact with the wonderful people we've met here.
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