Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ode to a Book Club

I joined this Book Club three years ago. I knew 3 women from Ella's infant daycare center (then Jolie immediately moved away to Alaska). Before I joined the group, I had pretty much given up on reading for pleasure. The twins were just over a year old, I was working full time & I had to listen to the first book club book on CD.
The group quickly morphed into a great group of women friends. Some of the women joined our running group (that died off after the 2008 Las Vegas Half Marathon).  But, I rarely saw most of the women between book clubs. But, I know any of them would have jumped to help me out if I asked.
At one point, our group ranged in age from 22 to 50 something. We've gone through marriages, step-families, new babies, numerous boyfriends, first jobs, new jobs and lots of bottles of wine. I've read so many books I never would have picked up because of these women. I'm going to miss my Second Sunday of the Month get-togethers & am once again grateful to be able to keep tabs on everyone via facebook!
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