Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Digital Memories

Part of why I blog is so that the kids will have a mostly contemporaneous record of their childhood milestones. But, it is also a record of their parents. I tend to associate memories with stuff which causes problems when you prepare to move. It's hard to get rid of useless things that have a story. I've decided to try to photograph those things & preserve their stories for my kids without keeping the crap.

Like this adorable teddy bear that I made in 7th grade home ec class. I was so proud of my accomplishment (though something tells me my mother may have helped a bit). Jessica might be known to my kids as the seamstress, but I once had talent too. His head, arms & legs all moved.Yes, you could pretend like he was walking. In a word, he was fabulous.
Unfortunately, within 24 hours, the washer keeping the head attached (did I mention it moved?) broke. He sat on a shelf in my bedroom until my Mom sold her house.

I came across him when preparing for our upcoming move. Since he hasn't been fixed in over 20 years, I think I can safely assume I will never get around to fixing him.  It pains me to look at these photos because I callously tossed him in the trash and I question whether that was the right thing to do (I know it was). But, I still have the photos of his cuddliness. I still have his stories (I got an A in that class). He just takes up a whole lot less space in our house now. 

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