Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Impressions

It's hard to believe I was in New Mexico with Nick almost a month ago. We toasted two new jobs (Jaimeson's departure for a new job opened the position Nick received).
I attended my first University of Utah football game - as a Lobos fan.
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My friend Tavia always takes the most amazing pictures at Utah football games. She would have been in heaven in the end zone. We were at the event for Nick's work (they support the University of New Mexico). I really tried to get a picture of NM scoring. Unfortunately, Utah kept scoring while NM did not. I felt guilty raising the camera to snap the photo.
I think this is the area of Albuquerque we are hoping to live. We saw 23 homes in about 10 hours. Exhausting!
 Initial impressions were that homes were more expensive than Salt Lake & on smaller lots.
 It was a tough weekend at times. I'm not ready to leave Utah, my sister or our friends. Kari, thanks for your remote emotional support! I thought of you when taking this photo - let's see if Bill can figure out where it is for some photo shoots. I didn't edit these photos, but if you look closely, you can see the leaves starting to change.
 Apparently, there is water somewhere between ABQ and SLC.
 The amazing Kennecott Copper Mines.
 Back to lush, green Utah! Nick is officially back on house hunting duties. We are anxious to hear what he thinks about the next batch of homes.

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