Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hogan's Fave Spot

Whhhhy do weeee have to gooo on a walk?
Because Hogan loves this spot & we are trying to visit our favorite spots one last time before we move.
Buuuuut, my leeegs huuuurt.
Just try to run & keep up with Hogan.
But, why do we have to?
It's not fun. I'm not going to have fun. I'm . . . WHAT IS THIS PLACE? IT LOOKS LIKE FAIRIES LIVE HERE! IT IS SO AWESOME!

And so began our last adventure in Parley's Canyon. One of the few of leash parks nearby.
I started coming here with Hogan when he was a pup (pre kids). He'd run off & chase everything. It was often a pain to get him to come back to us.
He would want to swim & play with the other dogs for hours.
It doesn't feel like that long ago when we brought the twins down here in backpacks.
Now, he is OK not doing the full hike & the kids are out of backpacks & running beside him.

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