Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Over the Hill

I was very happy that John & Lisa (Nick's friends from school) was hosting a party Nick's 40th birthday weekend. I couldn't really plan anything with the house on the market.
They have two of the most beautiful dogs. It makes me want another one.
And a beautifully remodeled home to go with those two cute pups. Nick was in heaven when he saw the southern spread - ribs, corn, macaroni & cheese. John really hit a homerun with the dinner.
But, of course, the best part was spending time visiting with the men & women who made the MBA program so rewarding for Nick.
He received some great gifts. Like his treasured Team Gnome and the fancy Crown Royal.
The gnome was an instant party classic.
I know Nick was really happy to visit with everyone one last time.
After dinner, we popped the champagne.
And made lots of toasts. To new jobs and Nick getting old . . . 
Thanks John & Lisa for a lovely evening & great celebration! Happy Birthday Nick!

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