Friday, December 31, 2010

River of Lights

The night after Christmas, the crew (minus a sick Nick) headed to the Botanical Gardens to see the River of Lights. They have something similar at the Utah Zoo which has never been busy when I've gone (because it is always COLD).
So, I was not prepared for the thousands of people we met at the park! We parked about a mile away, but thankfully all piled into a tuk tuk peddled by a nice man in his fifties {yes, all 6 of us}. What can I say, Nina & Grandpa travel in style!
The gentleman explained that the park has averaged over 5500 people at night for the last two weeks. All the money goes to fund the Aquarium (which we haven't visited yet).  
The snacks were devoured within feet of the entrance & everything was going well until Miss Greta got tired (or cold or hungry, we don't know which). 
But, of course, the meltdown started at the farthest possible point from the car.
I got a good workout carrying her back to the car.  

We made the wise decision to have Chinese food at home rather than brave a restaurant with the kids. Fun night. Definitely a new December tradition.
Have a happy & safe New Year's celebration!

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