Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hogan's Quest Update

Thank you to everyone who voted!  Unfortunately, because some other contestants were abusing the system, the lottery officials canceled any vote not placed before 1 pm Wednesday. The bad news is that we lost 60 votes.  The good news is that Hogan is back in the running (there were easily over 50 dogs that had over 200 votes before the restart).  
If you click on the link to vote, you will see that they now require you to register.  Registration just requires a name, email address & birthdate (presumably to ensure voters are over 18). This is just to try to make sure you don't vote more than once a day. While they say they will not send you emails, I used a junk email address just to be sure.
Thanks to our friends who voted for Hogan! Hopefully some votes will keep coming!

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