Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You've Got a Friend

My favorite photo from the zoo.
After an exhausting 1 1/2 hours of climbing on the playground, we decided to look for animals on the way out (they were still inside when we arrived).  All of a sudden, a chimp came running by & slammed his hands on the window causing Greta & Charlie to jump back startled.
Then his friend came over to check them out. He'd play peek a boo. Hide just out of sight & reach his kunckles over to knock on the window. (Looks like Greta is going through a growth spurt!)
After poignantly reaching his hand to Greta's, Mr. Chimp started picking his nose & didn't wipe his finger on a tissue (if you know what I mean). Greta & Charlie broke down in giggles.  Who knew chimps had the same sense of humor as four-year-olds? 
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Poozoe said...

Krista, the hands photo needs to be printed hugely for your house! Amazing!!