Friday, February 04, 2011


Happy Friday to you! The temperatures are warming up here (17 this morning!). School are still closed to help conserve natural gas, but I think the worst is over. One family member was very disappointed that I would not play with him outside or take him for a walk in the sub-zero (don't get me started on the windchill) temps. He would just come & stare at me while I worked.

Today, we bundled up & took him to the dog park. He barked, ate the snow & ran (only a little). Much happier dog. And, I think the {cold} fresh air and sunshine did me & Ella some good too. 

Voting for Hogan ends at 2 pm EST.  I don't know how he is doing - the recount really hurt us. I'm hoping he gets to 175 votes before the contest ends.  Thanks to everyone who has voted for him!

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