Thursday, February 03, 2011

Pagosa Part Two

Hot Springs
After a little lunch & rest on day 1, we headed out to the Hot Springs. I left my camera at home since we were hopping from pool to pool.  Divine! The kids loved it too - though they would have preferred that we let them swim. It was nice tubbing with 5 kids - the crowd cleared out once we entered a pool! 
Test Run
Day 2 was another successful 1/2 day of skiing. After the lunch/football break, the kids requested sledding.  There wasn't any fresh snow, but we tried out the big sledding hill in town. Marty did the first run to make sure it was safe for the kids.
The Bowl
The hill ended in a big dirt pile which somewhat contained the sledders (another family was allowing their little ones to ride up the hill & get flipped & dumped on their heads.  Nick & Marty caught all of our sledders).
The kids flew down the hill.
The Haul
It was pretty awesome that there were no complaints about having to drag their sled up the hill.
Speed Racers
There was an endless debate about which sled was the fastest.
And tons of smiles.
Mr. C
At least until the sun started to set, the ice started setting in & a huge group of ridiculously crazy adults started sledding down the hill & Mom called it a day.
Pace Car
But, I am happy to report that we survived sledding without either of the Dad's needing medical attention. It was an awesome weekend & we can't wait to return during the Spring/Summer.

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D. West Davies said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing. Glad you guys enjoyed your trip to Pagosa Springs