Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Premiere Hike

For those who are curious, Mr. Hogan did not make the lottery cut-off for the next round. I knew when they said people used YouTube to garner votes that we were in trouble. He seems Ok with the results and appreciates all the love from his supporters.
I went on my first hike recently. I joined a Y class which takes you on 6 guided hikes in the Sandias (the mountains closest to our house). Unfortunately, I've already missed two of them.
It was so much fun to get out & see a different side of New Mexico - the hiking is very different from Utah. Lots o' cacti!
The next step is to make some friends who like to hike so that I can keep this up through the spring. Unlike Utah, the trails are not well-marked so I can't really go out exploring alone.  The terrain is sandy & slippery - not sure that Hogan is going to like that!
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Poozoe said...

I was wondering what the Hogan outcome was...maybe next you know the kind of campaign you'll have to launch!!