Thursday, February 17, 2011

Under the Big Top

We went to the circus last weekend with new friends (yeah friends!)!

I met Kiley's parents during the Thanksgiving feast at Ella's school - right after we moved here. With the holidays, the move & other events, it's taken longer than we would like to get our families together.

Zoos & circuses do make me worry about how the animals are treated.  But, this circus was 90% amazing humans.  From what we could see, the few working animals were well respected by their trainers.  The kids enjoyed the "misbehaving" tigers.

These two men were a little crazy.

Ok, they were a lot crazy.  
 Greta really liked the magic act where the performers instantaneously changed outfits numerous times. I found the elephants amazing! I wanted to take one home. They are much better at doing tricks than Hogan.
 Greta spotted 4 friends in the audience.
Greta, like elephants, never forgets a face.  She even spotted a friend that she made in December at Kiley's Mom's nursing school graduation party (when Jessica & I were at the spa).
 Not surprisingly, Charlie was amped up for the motorbikes.
 It is quite impressive that four motorbikes are zooming around in the little sphere.
 The final event was the man being shot out of the cannon.
 This could get loud.
 Charlie & Greta are still talking about this stunt.
 It was worth staying up late to see this feat!
We loved our first adventure on the town & can't wait for the next one!

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