Friday, February 25, 2011

WPPI 2011 - Part 1

I just returned from my second WPPI conference - it's the mother of all photography conferences. Nearly sixteen thousand photographer strong this year - the line at Starbucks is epic! I attended last year with my friend Kari (her photography business is booming!). She introduced me to Kellie & Kamee. One fancy cheeseburger dinner later & a tradition was born. 
In between conference talks, we wanted to schedule some hands on camera time.  We were lucky to join Kamee's photography workshop. Kamee is a wonderful teacher and has a top-notch mentoring program for photographers of all skill levels. Kamee even sells flashcards to help you improve your photography/photoshop skills. She is the queen of natural light - scouting fabulous locations around the MGM hotel. Her adorable friend Whitney was our model.
The women in the workshop were so talented & so much fun to be around. I look forward to watching their businesses grow over the next year. Before heading to the [class]room to talk shop, we blindly took some photos to see if we could capture any interesting gems.
Happy to report I captured one or two keepers! It is seriously hard to take a bad picture of this girl!

Thank you Kamee for bringing your workshop to us!

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