Friday, March 25, 2011

Back Home Again

I left the dusty hills of Albuquerque for the snow capped mountains of Salt Lake City. I'm back in town to help with a trial at work. It's very bittersweet to be back here.  So much has changed in only 4 months! I have no home & my family isn't with me.  The grocery store where I would stop when I {routinely} forgot my breakfast & lunch at home has moved & expanded to three times the size. A Sunflower Market opened around the corner from my old office.

I love being back in the office (it feels so big after working for 4 months in our laundry room), I can't wait to see my sister tomorrow, it's been great to schedule time with friends. Unfortunately, I am working a lot over the next week so there isn't too much time to play.

There is something so comfortable about driving around this town that I don't feel yet in Albuquerque. I've realized that I need to do a little more to broaden my social circle & experiences in my new home town. I'm making my to-do list & determined to make our next 4 months in New Mexico fabulous!

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