Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Dinner - Mexican

A few years ago, I started a food blog as part of a challenge to cook more often.  It worked great for about 18 months & then life got busy again. Our nights are crazy shuttling the kids to different activities across the town. Instead of trying to maintain two blogs, I decided that each Sunday I will highlight the only a favorite meal from the week.

This week: Mexican.  I made my favorite shrimp enchiladas and a salad. One nice thing about being in a new town is that I can entertain new people with my old recipes.

I've learned that my kids do not eat at parties. So, I try to put out appetizers that are healthy - this time it was fruit & veggie trays. The chips, salsa & guacamole were put out when dinner was served.

With Cinco De Mayo right around the corner, we served Mexican beer (Tecate & Trader Jose's are two favorites) and Skinny Girl Margaritas.  Here's a video of Bethenny making the blended version and on the rocks.  I don't like tequila, but these were good - and strong (hence the club soda dilution)! Definitely worth spending a few extra dollars for the good stuff. And, clear tequila is the way to go!

If you can't watch the video, put ice in the cocktail shaker, count to 3-4 while pouring tequila, squeeze in 1/2 lime, add a splash of citrus liqueur & shake, shake, shake.  Pour, add more lime if desired & a splash of club soda (I added more).

I always have trouble deciding what to serve for dessert with Mexican food. 
I wanted something other than chocolate. In keeping with the tequila theme, I decided to serve Lime Sorbet over Pound Cake with Tequila Flambeed Berries.  The flambe was definitely a crowd pleaser! This recipe would be very good over angel food cake too. It's definitely making another appearance over the summer. Refreshing & light! I recommend making the sorbet the night before your dinner.


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