Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Brotherhood of the Snakes

Grandpa came to visit recently. He's a rough & tumble cowboy from the Midwest & we wanted to show him a true Western adventure. But, his little tour guides are not invincible & given the unseasonably cold temperatures, wanted an indoor adventure.  

Who knew that Albuquerque is home to the largest public collection of different species of rattlesnakes.  

Nestled in Old Town, The American International Rattlesnake Museum provided a quaint & enjoyable afternoon adventure.  There are nearly 100 snakes, but the museum itself is cozy. While kids are obviously eagerly welcomed, strollers should be parked outside & you wouldn't want to chase a two year old through the museum on a busy day - it's a place for looking, not running.
The exhibits are not limited to rattlesnakes - there is a gila monster & a few turtles too.
The museum also hosts a huge collection of reptile trinkets - from sports team memorabilia to beer!

Greta made a special friend & became a little snake charmer.  This little dude started mimicking her movements.
We spent about an hour exploring & watching a movie before receiving the ultimate snake tattoo & braving the winds to seek hot chocolate.

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