Thursday, May 05, 2011

S'more Fun

We sold our old patio set before we left Salt Lake City. When I envisioned living in New Mexico, I saw sprawling yards - each with a personal kiva and breathtaking views. I was disappointed to discover that land is expensive here & most yards are more like little patios. Our house did not have a kiva, so a fire pit was the next best thing.  

We hosted an impromptu party to christen the fire pit.  If you don't have friends who can come over on a moments notice & are willing to overlook the dinner dishes, start interviewing new applicants immediately - it makes last minute entertaining much more fun.  We were happy that Jodi & the girls were willing to come over after dinner & celebrate with us.

Given the placement of the food, Hogan was certain that he was the guest of honor.Food & drinks for the evening were simple - s'more fixings & whatever else we could find in the pantry.  


It was a perfect night - crisp, but not too cold & breezy, but not crazy Albuquerque winds.

It was a great taste of summer - we are looking forward to many more nights by the fire & hopefully a few camping weekends too.

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