Friday, May 27, 2011

First Family Bike Ride

I got a bike for Mother's Day & last night was our maiden voyage. The only question? "But, Mom? When did Dad teach you how to ride a bike?"

We loaded up the bikes & hit a trail. Nick likes to track his bike rides. When you don't go on a relatively flat surface & in a straight line, the maps are much more interesting. But, we had fun.

4.96 miles
                                Elapsed Time:
                           Avg Speed:
5.6 mph
                          Max Speed:
19.2 mph
                       Avg Pace:
10' 39" per mile
                           Min Altitude:
5,840 ft
                           Max Altitude:
6,125 ft

Their little legs were tired, their faces were red & they drank all of our water. Thank goodness it was pajama day at school for the little ones & the last day for Ella. Everyone was super excited this morning.  Charlie told Nick that if created a secret hideout at work, he could go to work in his pajamas too. Sounds like a good plan.

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Poozoe said...

Yea!! We will be doing the same this weekend as Tia is officially a bike rider!! No training wheels!!
Have a blast in Dallas xoxo