Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fabulous Fort Worth (Dallas, Part 3)

Before our last Texas adventure, Monica & crew took us to the best tourist attraction ever.
Josh has been to the rodeo before & his bull was ready to put up a fight. Ella was ready for more.
Charlie was all business, but Lucas was ready for some adrenaline!

I'm sorry to say Greta didn't have any fun at all.
Sounds Tasty
It was hot, hot, hot.  When Nick ordered a drink, I put a request in for a fried pickle.  He ignored me.
We used up all of Monica's spare quarters waiting for the main event.
Ready for the Longhorns
After a little play time, we were ready for the Longhorn Parade.
Everything is bigger in Texas!
These animals were so pretty.
And they were on a mission to get to the end of the road. No stopping to visit, just marching forward.
As we left the bathrooms, something was brewing in the courtyard.
A trio of outlaws were causing some trouble.
This Could Get Loud
The situation turned tense.
Ready for Action
And it got loud.
Our little law men were brave & visited the outlaws after the show.
What a tremendous visit we had in Fort Worth! Thank you Markleys for opening your home - we had a fabulous visit! We can't wait to get our families together again.

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