Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Santa Fe Opera: Griselda

Last weekend, the kids spent the night with friends & we headed off to the Santa Fe Opera. I was so excited for this evening - the opera is legendary here. People travel from all over the country to New Mexico for opera season.

Though my phone doesn't take the best photos, you can see that the Las Conchas (i.e, fire that shut down Los Alamos for a week) is still burning. 
We arrived early - just as the tail-gaiting was getting started.

But, we attended a dinner & were privileged to hear the director & set designer speak. I wish we had that luxury with every performance! It was nice to have "permission" from artists to think this particular opera was bizarre (which is exactly what we thought as we read the synopsis on the drive). Nick likes the hdr function on his phone, but it takes multiple images & merges them. So, if people are moving, it leaves a weird result.
The theatre has a roof, but no sidewalls. It was HOT that evening. The set was very vibrant and abstract.  The costumes were very unexpected. The director called the opera - avant garde (meaning "odd"). It was such a great people watching experience - standing room only crowd.  I can't imagine standing to watch the opera for nearly 4 hours. They have great opportunities for families to experience the opera at a reasonable price. It's on my "to-do" for next year. I think Ella might enjoy the experience.
It was a late night - nearly 1 am before we made it back to our hotel. We grabbed a quite breakfast at the Chocolate Maven before heading back to round up our kids.

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Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

The picture of the clouds is glorious and the shot of the twins sleeping in your earlier post is just too adorable.

Enjoy your day.