Monday, July 18, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge - Dallas, Part 4

On Day 3 of the Dallas trip, we headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas - a water park chain.  By this time, the twins were exhausted!

The Lodge is very watery/non-camera friendly. And, the emphasis in this 20 hour window was on playing , not taking photos so please excuse the camera phone pics.

First Impressions from the kids? This is going to be AWESOME!

Second Impression from the room? This room ROCKS! Any parent that has shared a hotel room with kids knows how hard it is to go to sleep at 8 pm when the kids need to go to sleep. With the "cabin" built into the room, the kids had enough darkness that we could stay up, sit on the little deck & watch TV without disturbing them.  

The only improvement would be a set-up with three top bunks - Greta lost the coin toss.

For dinner, we ventured off hotel property & into Esparza's.  The corno-a-rita was an experience!

The water park adventure was expensive, but memorable. The kids played non-stop for hours.  Ella & Nick rode every slide at least once. The twins went down the big slides a few times, but had a great mini-slide play area where they were very happy. 
great wolf lodge
You have to be a guest at the hotel to use the park and with a hotel stay, you get access on check-in & check-out day.  Needless to say, by the time we headed to the airport, everyone was exhausted!

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Poozoe said...

Its like COWABUNGA!!! Love, Tia