Friday, August 05, 2011

Indiana Traditions (part 2)

The kids have been negotiating about how many fossils & geodes can come home with us.

Last year, Nina got stopped at airport security for carrying a large box of rocks.

It's not quite Big Splash, but it's closer & cheaper. 

And we've spent oodles of time each day in the pool.

Last year, the twins liked jumping in the pool non-stop. They couldn't quite make it to the wall last year.  But, this year, it was all about diving for coins. 

We had a fabulous (and fast) two weeks. Charlie asked my Mom if we could move in & everyone is hoping Nick's next job placement is here. Until then, the kids are already making plans for next year.  Greta told Nina there was one improvement she could make to her house - get a puppy.

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