Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later

Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge

We had no kids. Nick was working market hours and was already at work. I was lying in bed listening to the radio when the DJ reported that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers. I remembered thinking that it didn't sound like something that could happen by mistake. A few minutes later Nick called that a second plane had hit the towers. By then, the Today Show was on and it was clear this was not a coincidence. But, we were geographically isolated and the enormity of what was happening was not appreciated. We went to work and watched in horror as the day unfolded. I didn't realize so many family members were either in, or too close, to the towers that day.  While we were all in the office, no work got done. We were trying to connect with friends and family on the East Coast. The panic in their voices was difficult to process.  It was clear they had experienced something I could never fully understand.  As we watched the reports through the day, we wondered when the attacks would stop. Was this limited to air plane attacks or was there more? We had never felt so vulnerable. Air traffic was stopped. Friends were stranded at at time when all you wanted was to be close to your loved ones. 
And the deaths. The overwhelming sadness. Too many lives cut short.  Too many children growing up without a parent.  The stories were heartbreaking. And the premature deaths haven't stopped.  Too many soldiers.  Too much fighting overseas.  Too much anger and misunderstanding.
Our lives were forever changed - and not just when we want to go on an airplane.  But, unlike the nearly 3,000 people who died that day, our lives went on.  Ten years later, I still can't make sense of the attacks. I don't think anyone can. My prayer for the day is in memory of those who died and their families that miss them everyday. My hope is that my children never experience such senseless tragedy.  My intention is peace.


Poozoe said...

beautifully said, my friend.

Anonymous said...

You are an incredible writer Krista - pure poetry to describe such a tragic event. - Shauna