Monday, September 12, 2011

On Golden Pond (Part 2)

I have a few more canoe/pond stories from our weekend, so bear with me. We were up on the deck reading when we heard crying from the pond. Buster, who not so long ago was a tremendous water dog, wanted someone to play with him. The mushy bottom made the old dog a bit anxious.
Early Swim
In the meantime, his brother wasted no time showing us that he really did know how to swim. Tucker is a runner, so he was in heaven being off leash in our fenced in yard.
Eventually, Buster got his groove back.
But, it was Tucker's adrenaline that was PUMPING.
Ready for Action
And, it seemed someone was psyching himself up to take his first boat ride.
The Boating Party
As I went into the house to check on my sleeping Greta, I looked over & saw Tucker resting his chin on the side of the boat and looking like the background of Luncheon of the Boating Party - all that was missing was a pretty lace umbrella over his head.
A Dog's Life
 Suddenly, Aunt Jessie came running in the house. I was certain the boat had capsized.  But, no, she was looking for a camera because Buster had joined the party.
Nap Time
During all this fuss, Mr. Hogan was sleeping off our big morning walk. I was certain the dogs would cause the canoe to tip over.  But, only 1 person fell in the pond on our trip - and it wasn't caused by the dogs . . .

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