Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Golden Pond (Part 3)

While Uncle K is undoubtedly King of the Water, the kids wanted a ride with Dad too. As he teetered into the canoe, I noticed that, for once, his height was not an advantage.
The kids loved the water adventure.
Happy Days
As the oldest, Ella had the honor of being allowed to paddle.
After her nap, Greta was given the privilege of the last ride. I started up toward the house with Charlie & since Uncle K would be helping to carry the canoe, I took his drink with me. And then, we heard the splash . . .
I turned around and all I could see was Nick's hat. I hestiated and by the time I took off my lens cap {with one hand}, I only captured a soggy Nick emerging from the {not so great for swimming} pond. Thankfully it was Nick and not one of the kids who fell in the water as the accident results in a lot less tears & a lot more laughter.

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