Thursday, September 01, 2011

French Lick Scenic Railway

Grandpa & Granny Jill sure know how to attract adventure. They took us on a nice train ride, the conductor warned us to hide our valuables because a notorious gang of outlaws had been spotted in the area.  A very nervous Greta quickly gave me her special blanket to hide in my purse. All of a sudden we heard gunfire.
Charlie & Greta were sure it was the bad guys the conductor told us about. After confirming that the bad guys were just pretending to be dead, we de-trained & visited with the actors.
These volunteers are raising money for the Indiana Railway Museum.

The horses and actors were a huge hit.

It was such a hot day for those poor horses (and us!!) - I hope they got lots of cool treats when they were done.
Even though we were on an air conditioned car, it was pretty darn hot. I'd visit the train again in the fall or Spring. The Halloween & Polar Express trips look like fun!

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