Monday, September 05, 2011


Quiet Time
We unplugged this weekend in Vallecito, Colorado.  The kids were super excited because we were meeting their favorite aunt & uncle for a much overdue visit.  Somewhere along the drive, Charlie got concerned:

Mom? Is there a TV in this house?
No. But, we have a lot of fun things planned.
WHAT? But, I really like houses that have TVs.
{dramatic pause}
Does the house at least have a coffee table?

There is a silent battle in our house. Every night, I clean up the coffee table in our living room.  Every morning, Charlie brings his large collection of cars back onto the table. All couch pillows are removed & a mini-city is created. I've accepted defeat, closing the freeway for only the most important reasons. Charlie was very happy to find that the house we rented not only had two coffee tables, it also had a tremendous mantle/window seat that was just perfect for his new car ramp.
Hope you found lots of reasons to celebrate this weekend too.

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Poozoe said...

I have also been utterly defeated by the coffee table. Your visit sounds fabulous!