Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Let the Games Begin

This weekend was all about slowing down & spending quality time together as a family. We felt like Little House on the Prairie. No real power (only solar & propane powered lights), no TV. We played lots of games. Charlie made it two guesses before cheating.
Steady Hand
Well, if you're not cheating, you're not trying.
Just like Laura Ingalls Wilder, we survived the weekend without cell coverage or Internet service. Ok, so technically there were some modern gadgets that were used.  And, Greta's favorite part of the weekend was curling up on the bed in her rockin' room & watching a movie  projected onto the wall.
Who's On First?
But, most of the time, we were playing.
And honing our skills.

Ella said Dad scammed all her lunch money when they were playing horseshoes.
Ice Cream Making
It was great to see the kids running outside - even if the running was to make ice cream.

But, if you can't shake what your mamma gave you in the privacy of the woods, when can you?

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Poozoe said...

You are JUST like the Ingalls!! (I always wanted to be Mary and thought it was glamorous when she was blind AND she moved away to the big city)