Monday, October 17, 2011

Chilly Camporee

I froze my toes off Saturday night all in the name of brownies.

I loaded up the kids & headed "south" for the night. I knew despite our 80 weather during the day, it would be cold and I thought I prepared well. 
I was wrong.

We layered & wore long underwear & packed our warm sleeping bags. Nonetheless, I have never been so cold in my life. I started hallucinating about down comforters & wondering if I would lose my toes to frostbite (despite two layers of socks and a sleeping bag). Jodi & I were up until midnight so that she could sign up for her December work schedule. We were so cold, it was hard to go to sleep (and stay asleep). I was kicking myself thinking of Nick's huge box of handwarmers in our garage.

Nick swears that he packed our "good to 20 F" bags (though I discovered last night that I had Ella's regular sleep-over bag). The only good thing was that the 5 kids in our tent stayed warm (they had the down bags). Although Jodi & I were really wishing at least one of them would wake up & come sleep between us to keep us warm.

Our proximity to the port-o-potties meant that most of us woke {to slamming doors} up earlier than we hoped. The 7 am church bells made sure the entire camp was awake.

Charlie toughed it out around a lot of girls. He enjoyed a little hot chocolate & singing songs that he learned at camp this summer.
This was my first time camping with kids & without Nick & I was proud it went so smoothly. I left my camera at home - it was a very freeing experience! Loved just having my phone.
It was fun remembering all the good times I spent in Brownies & Girl Scouts. Flag ceremonies, patches, songs {and yes, Girl Scout cookie orders will be coming soon}.
In my family, there is a direct correlation between how dirty they are & how much fun they had. Given the amount of dirt in the bathtub last night, I'd say it was a successful adventure!

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Poozoe said...

You are SUCH a good Brownie mom!