Monday, October 10, 2011


My goal this month is to use up as many outstanding groupons as possible. I bought one for photo scanning services and have been busy sorting through old photos trying to decide which ones are scan worthy.
The kids all look like Nick in their own way. So, when I find an old photo from my family that looks like the kids, I get excited.  My sister's thumb sucking, swagger & crazy hair all remind me of Greta. The kids thought that the photo of Nina was me - which should make Nina happy because, like me, I doubt she saw many photos of me as a child that looked like her family.
My sister has fabulous hair now. It gives me hope that Greta's straight on top, curly underneath style will evolve into something a bit more manageable. 

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Poozoe said...

whoa!!! Jessica and Greta are definitely related!!