Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pretty Little Liars

We had family game night recently and learned that the kids like to cheat. What was interesting was that they each had their own technique & style.
We were playing Headbanz - which is kind of like 20 questions. When it's your turn, you ask as many "yes" and "no" questions before your time runs out. Charlie was up first. He had a fire hydrant. After getting stuck, Greta started giving clues:

Greta: Remember when the fireman came?
Greta: No, it's the thing that a fireman use and dog's like to pee on.
Charlie: FIRE MAN!
Greta: FIRE HYDR . . .
Charlie: FIRE HOSE!

After taking several turns to guess fire hydrant, he was done. After his next turn, he announced he had to go to the bathroom. He came back in the middle of Ella's turn & announced as he was walking in "I'm an IGLOO."
Style points: 0
Subtly: 0
When Ella got stuck, she would pretend like her headband fell off & that she wasn't looking. On her next turn, she would guess her card, but couldn't keep a straight face.
Style points: 3
Subtly: 2

Miss Greta gives the best clues. I was on a roll & Nick was so excited that I got a hard one.
Me: Is it an animal?
Nick: Yes
Me: Is is a pet?
Nick: No
Greta: Well, it is if you are Mr. Poppers.

We were caught up on Nick's turn. He was stuck on car - he had guessed every moving object except for a car and the kids thought it was very funny. Greta quietly slipped out of the room & came back with lotion for her hands (we live in the desert). She worked on her hands through my turn, Charlie's turn & Ella's turn. Then, she was up.

Greta: Am I an animal?
Greta: Does it live in a nest?
Um, yes
Greta: Am I a chicken?

Style point: 10
Subtly: 9.5

Greta was one cool cat with an impressive poker face. Ella won the Super Bowl pool.  If the girls ever  figure out a way to combine their skills, we are in big trouble.


shauna said...

What a great game Krista!!!!

shauna said...

I love this game Krista!