Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cowgirls Unite!

Ella's horseback riding experience culminated with a final "trail" ride. I bought a groupon to ride along with her. After I spent the night with the girl scouts at the Children's Museum, we were off for an early morning adventure.

I felt like Annabelle - after a not very restful night - I just wanted to close my eyes & curl up in the sun. 

My original thought was that I would ride behind Ella to make sure she stayed safe.Ella told me that wouldn't work. Annabelle is a follower. She doesn't like to lead. My horse, Hope, is Annabelle's favorite friend. And it was true. Hope tried to overtake the trail leader several times.

New Mexico landscapes include every shade of brown you can imagine. I'm still amazed that Georgia O'Keeffe was so inspired by the landscape here.  Of course, unlike our trail ride, she was gazing at mountains, not the backside of a shopping mall (like  90% of our trail ride).  

We did get one photo of me & Ella next to the mighty Rio Grande.

The kids really wanted to go horseback riding over Spring Break. That didn't happen, but maybe we'll find a way to do it in Indiana this summer.

If only we can find another sweet & gentle horses like Annabelle & Hope.

Our mini-adventure was a fun way to cap off a Mom & Ella weekend adventure.

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Poozoe said...

soooo sweet!
Look at you Krista! Skiing and now Horseback riding. You go girl!