Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wolf Creek

From Colorado Springs, it was a good half day drive to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

We met up with friends for some margaritas & good times. 

After a fun night of living room slumber party & showing of Peter Pan, it was an early morning start up the mountain - not a problem for the kids since they were up at 5:30.

It was a momentous adventure this year. I took a lesson with Joy & we hit the slopes. 

Charlie, Greta & Jonas took lessons as well. 

Nick & Ella did a green run with us. I asked Ella if she had fun skiing with me. She said "not really." Apparently, I go much slower than she likes.

She did have fun riding the tram to the bunny slope with Charlie & Greta.

Nick was so happy to see all of us skiing together. I tried not to watch as Charlie, aka speed racer, shot down the hill as fast as he could.

We had a celebratory picnic in the parking lot after a triumphant day.

No tears this year!!

A little chocolate treat for our champions!

Afterward, we all soaked in the hot springs & enjoyed a tasty spaghetti dinner. As soon as the kids heads hit the pillow, they were out. Something about the combination of 6 hours of sleep & 8 hours of exercise worked - no one was up before 7 on the second day.

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Poozoe said...

It looks like such a great trip! Love the Top Gun reference :)