Monday, March 19, 2012

Talk to Me Goose

After a few days in Denver, we started heading south & stopped in Colorado Springs.

We had heard great things about the zoo in Colorado Springs & we were not disappointed. Feeding giraffes was a definite highlight!

The kids spotted the pool as soon as we checked into the hotel. Several hours walking through the zoo followed by a long hard swim session meant we had three sleepy kids that night.

The Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs - airplanes are a big deal here! The kids were thrilled that the Airplane Restaurant was within walking distance of our hotel.

The restaurant is built around a real airplane. Of course we requested seating in the airplane. 

Playing in the cockpit was a very cool distraction. 

Would you be surprised if I told you that the kids ate their dinner in record time so that they could climb back into the pilot seat?

Inside the restaurant, you could see one of the wings & lots of cool airplane paraphernalia. 

We had trouble tracking down an ice cream shoppe in town so the kids celebrated their excellent behavior with ice cream sundaes for dessert. It looks like there are a lot of family friendly adventures in this town. We are looking forward to passing through again soon.

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