Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Blessings

Last weekend, we were invited to get away from it all on a mini "camping" trip. Since I hadn't made any Easter plans yet, it sounded like a fun idea.

As a certain tall man in our family doesn't love to camp, I thought this quick getaway in a super simple cabin would be an easy sell. 

After a few glitches, we got the show on the road 5 hours later than expected. But, nothing like a little beer & jalapeƱo poppers to let all the stress dissolve. We've been so busy with school & ball games that it really was nice to get away & "rough it" for a night.

The kids were in heaven - good friends, potato chips & a playground all to themselves.
Eight kids + one bunny cake = squishy yumminess.

I've never understood the appeal of the RV. It certainly isn't how my parents would choose to travel at any point in their lives. But, our friends grew up with road trips in RVs & were happy to share the intrigue of RVing. 

We were disappointed to discover that campfires are not permitted in this particular park. So, after dinner, the kids watched Hop & stayed up way too late. I don't think they cared that there was no campfire.

At 7 am, the Easter bunny knocked on our cabin door. Greta was pretty sure it was our neighbors & not the Easter bunny who brought coffee.
We had some super tired kids (and parents) on Easter morning. I discovered that I am violently allergic to mulberry pollen so I felt like I spent the whole night blowing my nose.

Spirits were lifted when we were ready to launch the Easter Egg hunt.

The Dads ran ahead with the video cameras.

Not a lot of hiding places in the desert.
The RV park was really full. Albuquerque is along Route 66. We met several retirees who rented RVs for a several week trek from Chicago along Route 66. The RV park was a great location for site seeing (though more urban than woodsy). 
Little Charlie & Big Charlie held their own among the sea of girls.

After the eggs were collected, opened & eaten, it was cookie decorating time.

Then, since no one packed breakfast items, we piled in the car & headed to Denny's.  Where else can you feed 14 people for under $100? The best part was that our adventure was only 15 minutes from home - we were all home & looking for Easter baskets before noon.


shauna said...

I love your comment and must agree - "I've never understood the appeal of the RV. It certainly isn't how my parents would choose to travel at any point in their lives." My parents travel flat-bed in First Class. LOL! My fascination with RV's quickly diminished as I am the one always cleaning up after. No fun! Looks like you all had such a great time and packed so much into a single evening! How did you bake the cookies?

shauna said...

One more -- Who drove the RV? Now that could be a blast!