Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Host a Bacon Fest

The second annual Bacon Fest is quickly approaching & I never shared photos from last year's fete.

Hosting a bacon fest is fairly simple.

Start with an inspiration dish & men (because honestly this is not the type of party that would be planned by a woman). Since we served the bacon wrapped grissini at a holiday party at our house, we were lucky that a friend volunteered to host the bacon party.
Inspiration dish - bacon wrapped brisket
Select your pièce de résistance 

We've got lots of Texans here - beans & bacon are a must.

Appetizers - Jalapeño poppers.
Pick a day when the doors can be open. The bacon smell is inevitable, but ventilation is crucial! 
Invite your friends to bring a dish honoring bacon.

Encourage creativity & a clearance note from the doctor before the meal starts.
Bacon wrapped scallops
Potato Casserole 

You don't need large servings or large plates - a little bacon goes a long way!
Bacon lasagna

Don't forget the greens!
Bacon Ranch Salad.

Take care of your guests.  Have some type of physical activity to raise those heart rates & combat the bacon.

And really, what's a party without a little karaoke?

Don't forget the desserts just because it's a bacon party.
Chocolate peanut butter bacon cupcakes.

Maple bacon cupcakes.
Ensure your pantry is stocked with takeaway containers so that you don't have 3 weeks worth of leftovers at your house. I promise that you won't want to eat bacon for a very long time after this indulgence!


shauna said...

Amazing, Amazing! I will be calling you for recipes! Did each guest bring a dish, or did you prepare all of this?

shauna said...

Oh, my dairy-free husband.....