Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tinkertown Museum

Last year, Ella's class took a field trip to the Tinkertown Museum

The museum is nestled in the beautiful Cibola Mountains. I had great plans to go back & explore the area with a picnic, but that hasn't happened yet.

The museum started as an eclectic collection of treasures by Ross Ward. 

He made many of the carvings in the museum & found others.

This personal collection attracted attention and what started as a one room museum has grown to a major attraction.

After Mr. Ward passed away prematurely from Alzheimer's Disease, his family endeavored to keep the museum open in honor of his memory.

It was a cold spring day when we visited, but the kids really enjoyed the scavenger hunt among the treasures.
I don't think the museum is heated so it is open April through October.

It's a great little adventure just a short drive from Albuquerque.
If you have a little time (and a lot of bottles), the museum shares how to build a bottle wall. At a minimum, be sure to download a museum guide before you visit.

We are almost done with field trip season for another year. I'm hoping to attend Ella's last field trip, but I will miss the twins' last adventure because of a work trip.

Happy Tuesday!


Poozoe said...

I totally want to build a bottle wall! That place looks awesome.

shauna said...

"The Past Does not Equal The Future" - I love it almost as much as Velvet The "Smoothest" Tobacco. I am intrigued by this museum and all of the beautiful bottles. Okay, inappropriate question, but here goes: I wonder if the man was a hoarder? I bet cleaning this museum takes weeks!